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Team Member Project Progress Report


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Table of Contents

Team Member Project Progress Report 2

Activity Summary. 2

Open Action Items. 2

Issues and Opportunities. 2

Project Schedule Update. 3





Team Member Project Progress Report

[Description The Team Member Progress Report summarizes your weekly accomplishments and highlights concerns and issues that may affect the project. Your Team Lead uses these reports to analyze the project and report its progress to the Project Manager, Project Sponsor, or Stakeholders, as appropriate.


Justification: This report communicates project status, progress, and important issues to the Team Lead.]

Activity Summary

[Description: The Activity Summary section presents the work you completed during the reporting period.


Justification: The Activity Summary highlights (avoid exhaustive detail) work completed.]


The following is a brief summary of my major activities and accomplishments for the week:


·        Activity 1

·        Activity 2

·        Activity 3


Open Action Items

[Description: The Open Action Items section summarizes “open” action items scheduled for completion within this reporting period.


Justification: Open Action Items ensures tracking and reporting of items not yet completed.]



The following is a summary of the action items that are open at the time of this report:


·        Action Item 1

·        Action Item 2

·        Action Item 3


Issues and Opportunities

[Description: The Issues and Opportunities section lists issues that affect the project and highlights project-related opportunities.


Justification: Issues and Opportunities address open action items and communicate project variances or impact on project delivery. (Whether or not a variance creates an impact depends on project priorities and expectations.)

Issues for Escalation are highly likely to impact schedule or quality: events happening now or in the immediate future that will jeopardize the project.


Note: Schedule variance on tasks not on the Critical Path may not pose a problem as long as you do not use up all your slack on those tasks.]


The following are the top issues that affect the completion of my assignments. They are listed in order, starting with the item that has the greatest possible impact on my work:


·        Issues for Escalation (also referred to as Red or High)

·        Potential Issues (also referred to as Yellow or Medium)


The following are opportunities to enhance the project’s efforts:


·        Opportunities (also referred to as Green) 


Project Schedule Update

[Description: The Project Schedule Update provides a detailed report of changes to schedule status.


Justification: The Project Schedule Update section updates the status of tasks being performed by sub-teams or individuals on a project (development team, test team, etc.). These will become part of the master project schedule. 


For optimum efficiency, enter task names as they appear on the master schedule. 

If you are using Microsoft® Project, Microsoft® Excel, or other tool to track tasks, simply insert a link to those files.]


The following is a list of the tasks I worked on in the last week.








Tasks assigned this week


Hours worked

Estimated hours remaining

completion date

























































I have entered my hours for the week in the time tracking system: